Standard MDF board

Medium Density Fibreboard or MDF is formed by thermo-mechanically pressing fibres obtained from wood or other high quality cellulosic raw materials, usually of the pine variety. After drying at 9 – 11% moisture content, they are bonded with a pressing and heating process that reacts with thermosetting glues to give the product consistency.

MDF is an excellent choice because of its homogeneous density at all points, its ability to be obtained in standard sizes, its excellence in milling operations and its good grip to screws applied from the surface and edges.

The emissions of the glues used in this product comply with the mandatory E1 standard, and CARB 2 on request.

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Tableros de madera MDF

Moisture resistant MDF board

Medium density boards with moisture resistant (MR) properties are particularly suitable for construction applications requiring water and moisture resistance in a wide range of interior applications. This product is also suitable for further processing and painting.

Waterproof panels are manufactured with green coloured fibre as standard for identification and are ideal for bathroom and kitchen applications.

Fire retardant MDF board

Medium density boards with improved fire retardant (FR) properties are increasingly used, especially in places where strict fire regulations must be met. The boards meet strict requirements including improved fire resistance, especially the ability not to contribute to the spread of flame and not to form smouldering droplets.

The fireproof panels are manufactured with red coloured fibre as standard for identification and are particularly suitable for use in commercial and public spaces subject to rigorous fire risk assessment.