Standard plywood

Plywood is composed of three or more lines (usually always odd-numbered) of unrolled veneer sheets. These sheets are bonded together by means of synthetic resins, both phenolic and urea-formol (in compliance with current emissions regulations), using high pressure and heat to produce the board. In this way, laying the sheets crosswise one layer on top of the other reduces shrinkage and improves strength.

As a result, the final product has high dimensional stability, does not bend or warp and remains relatively stable under changes in temperature and humidity.

Despite its light weight, plywood offers higher bending strength than solid wood (at similar weights and densities). For this reason, plywood is widely used in areas where heavy loads must be supported.

We work with a wide range of varieties, sizes and thicknesses to suit the needs of our customers.

The emissions of the glues used in this product comply with the mandatory E1 standard, and CARB 2 on request.

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Film Faced plywood board

Film Faced plywood or phenolic board has a special film on its outer surface (on one or both sides) that is black or brown in colour and is made of phenol, as shown in the picture below. This coating gives the board a higher resistance to moisture, abrasion, chemical degradation and fungal attack compared to ordinary plywood.

Due to its increased stability and resistance to moisture, ultraviolet radiation and corrosive chemicals, film-coated plywood is ideal for outdoor applications such as the external surfaces of new buildings, construction use or truck floors.

The additional film coating and edges are painted with acrylic paint which makes the plywood more durable and less capable of distortion when used outdoors in adverse weather conditions. Buildings exposed to direct sunlight are less likely to weather if they are made of film-coated plywood, at least as part of the overall structure.

Our plywood is available in different wood species such as eucalyptus, poplar or pine, as well as in a variety of thicknesses according to requirements.

Tablero contrachapado film faced
Black film faced plywood board.

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